Forever a software developer

My journey as an artist and software developer throughout my life.


Who is TecnoHill ™? To begin with, TecnoHill is a registered trademark and my intellectual property; I registered that name in 2004, and I use this trademark to promote myself and add value to my developments.

The development of a dream

A fantastic sci-fi horror RPG style adventure where you can socialize with a completely adult rogue-themed dating sim, this is one of my many planned projects that I am working on first.

Currently I am entering a new stage of my professional life, which since I was a child I wanted to explore, but it was not so possible for me at that time…

I created this brand in order to be able to create a series of software products that I would develop…

Everything that I have learned over time as a software developer and that now I have taken a different course, a new direction that since I was a child I always wanted to explore, but due to lack of knowledge and information it was not possible until just A few years ago, because of the activities that I carried out, it was difficult, not impossible, but at least to be able to practice it as a profession.