a little bit of my story

I created this brand in order to be able to create a series of software products that I would develop for Windows as well as for the WEB platform, which at that time was beginning to be a very good mechanism to have administrative systems online that could be accessed without having to install on a PC and regardless of the operating system.

At that time I managed and managed to develop an ERP package that allowed the management of Warehouses, Inventories, Accounting, Payroll, as well as point of sale software, all this was communicated through the Internet, and even that the point of sale was a software that required to be installed on Windows, the data it operated was obtained through the Internet, my father, who was dedicated to developing systems for Banks and who in previous times had worked managing systems for different companies, helped me to know the rules of business that allowed control of those areas.

Fortunately, I managed to get a portfolio of clients, which although it was not as large as I wanted, if it allowed me to continue with my dream of being able to have a company, I paid taxes and sold my product, unfortunately, the time was not indicated and many companies, as well as the diffusion of my software was very new for companies to accept this new technology, so I lasted working with my company for a few years, I did not grow as a company at the rate that I wanted but it allowed me to stay at me and my family for the time I was as an entrepreneur.

But at that time I was a 33-year-old father of a family with 3 wonderful children, I could not afford to wait long to see if I could be successful as an entrepreneur, already with my age and responsibilities I did not want to risk more and decided that It was time to get a permanent job with a future and earn more money, and with the help of some good friends, I was able to place myself again in a permanent job and from there I made my way until I got to work for software development in a Banking institution At first I felt ugly having to give up my dream and company, but in reality I do not regret it, since it allowed me to grow as a person and as a professional.

I was able to continue moving, growing and working in different international companies, my children are already older and even though those responsibilities never end, now I am calmer and I feel better prepared, throughout all these years I had to venture into different areas that I did not think I would know, such as the development of Web sites, creation, management and animation of 3D graphics that is why I mention the Artist part.