My present

Currently I am entering a new stage of my professional life, which since I was a child I wanted to explore, but it was not so possible for me at that time, but now with the new tools and technologies that are on the market and above all the knowledge that can be accessed through the Internet, I am finally dabbling as an Indie Video Game Designer and Developer.

Living this part that as a video player is completely unknown and that changes the way you perceive the video game industry, although wonderful on the one hand, a challenge and hell on the other, more if you find yourself alone like me, since you have to be working on several parts that make up the video game in order to carry out your project and finish it.

Many people try to venture into the development of video games but unfortunately due to a lack of knowledge of the industry and they are not so willing to live the hard work that it entails, they do not manage to specify and finish their projects, leaving them unfinished, I want to dedicate myself completely to In this area, I have studied and taken some courses on the design and development of video games.

I have been designing and developing my project for 1 year, I started at the end of 2019, I have dedicated all that time, I intend to complete it, to be able to share my vision and dream with all of you, share my experience and knowledge.